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male ngafr, illustrated by Daenelia



The Ngafr are originally from Elladia, inhabiting a few islands in the region. They are a simple folk with primitive technology and prefer to keep to themselves. It is very unusual to meet Ngafr outside of Elladia. The Elladians don't mix much with the Ngafr as more often than not they look down on their primitive ways, as well as their lack of a gender bias. Some would go out of their way to avoid them, some enjoy their musical talents and woodworking very much. Elladians may well pay a high price for artisan crafts made by esteemed Ngafr craftsmen.

Not much is known about how the half man/ half goat people came to be, but it is generally thought it had something to do with the same kind of experiment gone wrong as with the Kitlings. According to Ngafr folklore one day they simply "Walked out of the woods" - they either do not know, or do not want to know, seeing as their origin could be technological or alchemical based.


The Ngafr have an excellent ear for music and all can play or sing to some degree - they all have perfect pitch without exception. Some Ngafr also pick up languages quickly, but because they are such an isolated people, they rarely get the chance to learn other languages. It is also a strong tradition to make all of your own possessions - be they musical instruments, or pots and pans - or have them handed down in the family and thus they have a talent for craft work (wood being the most popular material). Each household will have a unique set of furniture, with the family marks on them. Some Ngarf will sell their crafted items, but this is not common as they are a mostly self-reliant people. Because of the high quality and low supply of Ngafran items, these can sell for quite a high price anywhere in the world.


The upper body of a human and the lower body if a goat, that is how most people would describe a Ngafr. They also have small horns on their heads and have rectangular pupils. The males have small goatees under their chin, but no other facial hair. Most Ngafr would not be dressed in clothes at all. Their genitals are usually hidden by the fur growing on their body from just below where a human navel would be. Females do have small breasts on their upper body, and not (as some sailors believe) udders between their legs. Female Ngafr would often wear custom jewellery around their neck, more or less hiding their breasts.


Each male Ngafr takes the surname of his father while the daughter the name of her mother. The last few letters (usually three) of their surname will determine the last few letters of their first name. A similar process is used when giving them a middle name, but they take the name of the parent of the opposite gender and do the same to that. Ngafr names, as with their language, is derived from Welsh. Names for girls for instance: Nerys, Crystin, Enid or Siana. For boys: Tomos, Yorath, Bran or Gwilim.


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