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Welcome to the Steamhawke Wiki

This wiki is the resource for writers and readers of Steamhawke. Writers are invited to contribute to keep the pages up to date with new information from the ongoing story. If you are a writer and have not been given a wiki account yet, please contact Daenelia through the Steamhawke private message system.

Steamhawke: steampunk, pirates and adventure

Steamhawke is an ongoing steampunk story written collaboratively by the members of this site. It is set in an original fantasy world that the writers work together to expand. It follows the adventures of a group of Sky pirates under the command of a troubled captain.

To read about the skyship itself, visit Steamhawke's wiki page.

Improving the wiki

The wiki is far from complete, so we are looking for writers to help us improve it. We want pages for every element in the story: events, people and places. And we want those pages to be filled with information from the chapters of the Steamhawke story.

What can you do to help?

  1. Correct spelling and grammar.
  2. Add a page about your own character or created NPC.
  3. Add information to existing pages.
  4. Add new pages if a subject does not have a page.
  5. Correct information already added to show what has been posted and is considered Steamhawke canon.

For more information on how to add things to the wiki: Steamhawke Wiki Help

Joining Steamhawke

Steamhawke is a brand new fictional setting and we are always looking for new people to write with. If you enjoy writing, and like pirates, fantasy or steampunk you should sign up!

It works a lot like role-playing games in that you will join in the story with a new character of your own. Read the rules and guidelines page for more information on how Steamhawke works.

Become a Steamhawke writer

If you just want to read the Steamhawke stories you don't need to sign up. Just use the handy chapter links down the left hand side of the front page. You can let us know what you think by using the shoutbox!

Focus pages

Here is a list of pages we'd especially like to see improved:

Also see Wanted Pages.

To find all relevant information in chapter posts, use the search function

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