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Hope Mountain Settlement is a large, high, and (formerly) barren mountain in the Old West.

It is known for having a large population of distrustful Tainted residents, alchemical advances, and raw natural resources. Hope Mountain has a large army, which uses somewhat outdated weaponry enhanced by alchemy. The somewhat paranoid citizens who usually know their way around weapons, too.

A while ago, there was a mining accident in a town in the Old West, triggering a large dextrocite spill, which resulted in many unwanted Tainted. After some time, the Tainted got sick of the violence, shunning, and general mistreatment from their neighbors. It culminated in the December Purification Riots. During the riots, Tainted homes and businesses where burned and any Tainted spotted was beaten or killed in an attempt to "cleanse" the town of them. A group of determined Tainted went out in search of somewhere where they'd be able to have a better life. After much searching they found a deserted mountain, where at least food could be grown via terrace farming. They called it Hope Mountain. Fifty years later, their few descendants, Tainted or otherwise, have not forgotten the mistreatment of their ancestors and to this day the only visitors who do not have to earn their trust are Tainted. Despite their resentment towards outsiders, they will accept other Tainted into their community with open arms and are willing to trade with merchants (if you don't mind the occasional glare).

Major exports of this settlement are gold, jewels, alchemically made products, silver, bronze, and dextrocite. They mainly import advanced weaponry, food (other than what they can grow for themselves, on their fertile terrace farms), and books on newer alchemy techniques.

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