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The Way is a monotheistic religion based on the preservation of the immortal soul through acts of good will.



Followers of the Way believe that the human soul is eternal and will outlive the decay of the flesh. Acts of good faith are essential to keeping the soul pure.

The holy book is a collection of texts that remind the reader not to stray from the Way. Each of the stories in the holy book is an allegory designed to both challenge and reaffirm the reader's beliefs.


No holy city belongs to the Way, and there are no set places of worship. Instead, the religion considers the world to be its church and all citizens of the world to be potential followers.

Missionaries, known as Brothers and Sisters of the Way, involve themselves in charitable trusts and other altruistic activities around the world so that they can save as many souls as possible.

Notable followers of the Way

Elias Ambrose, who saw the face of God following a major life-saving operation.[1]


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