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Steam trains, pulled by locomotives, can be found all over Terra. In Brittania the trains are smaller than in the Old West.

Old West steam trains are very large. The Western settlers had built their trains twice as tall, twice as wide, and twice as long as anything in their Europan homelands. It was the most convenient way of transporting ore during the coal rush, and now a century later the railways were used for transporting people and goods across the nation [1].

The colossal locomotive pulls a long train of all kinds of wagons, from passengers, to goods, to cattle. It has a myriad pistons working to move the train along the tracks and 10 to 12 chimneys ejecting superheated steam. The massive carriages match the size of the locomotive [2].

Trains offer 4 different classes for passengers [3]. For fourth- and cheapest class of carriage has three decks with as many people packed under the low-ceilings as possible. The third-class passengers share upper-deck cabins above the communal entertainment and eating areas.

For second-class passengers there are family-sized cabins on either upper- or lower decks. The cabins are roomy enough to make a long journey more comfortable, and some of them even had private bathrooms. The passengers in these cabins tend to be the social elite, or otherwise rich. Their tickets grant them access to the more specialised entertainment that the train offers, such as a ball room, or a restaurant.

First-class passengers can rent up to an entire luxury carriage. The possibilities are only limited by their budget.


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