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A sky ship can both sail through the skies and along water. It is powered by a steam engine running on dextrocite-infused coal. The steam generated by the boilers runs through copper pipes along the hull, powering the propellers which allow the ship to lift. The ship won't lift unless dexrocite is used. Most sky ships are made of wood for weight and cost reasons. It takes less energy to lift a lighter ship from the water.

Once in the air a sky ship moves through the sky with the use of regular sails. The ship can also land on water and if needed sail on water. The engine cannot run properly when the ship is sailing on water, because the properties of the steam's lifting abilities are diminished by the cold of the water. To lift the ship from water, the engineers need to shuffle in a lot of coal until the ship is free from water.

To lift the ship up, the helmsman pullson a gearstick and the propellers at the back go into overdrive. The ship lifts out of the water and points upwards a few degrees. The three rear propellers then kick into gear. The wind catches in the sails and the ship accelerates. Sideways motions are steered by the wheel. Up- and downwards is controlled by a lever to the side of the wheel. The lever moves the propellers to go up or down [1].

Fast ships rely on good sails more than on powerful engines [2].

Most sky ships are equipped with landing spikes [3]. Depending on the size of the ship, there are 6 to 12 spikes installed on either side of the ship's hull. These spikes are telescope poles, which shoot out as the ship lands on dry land. Landing on dry land is a dangerous practice and not all landings are successful.

Skimjumping is a last resort practice to save a ship going down into the water at full speed, as can happen during a storm. The helmsman has to perform some ritualistic motions, before setting the ship for a course to hit the water's surface in such a way that the ship bounces back up, and skips along the water. Many ships have broken up during this manouvre. At the very least, a ship will loose crew and materials which are not tied down well enough.

Known Sky ships


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