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A sky pirate is an individual who robs and loots other sky ships, usually in search of treasure.


Sky pirates have been around almost as long as sky ships. Since 1712 ships that transported goods or wealthy passengers were starting to attract attacks by pirates. Certain independent states were supporting the pirates, as they brought trade and money in. Seaport evolved as a safe haven for pirates, as did some isolated islands in the Cariben.

In 1800 there were many pirate ships, and the focus of most large sky navy forces was to eradicate them. Because the pirates were under constant stress of being hunted down and because their safe territories became smaller, the pirates easily turned on each other. Some even handed their enemies over to the Brittish navy for the rewards offered. In 1820 this cummulated in the Great Pirate Wars.

Since the Great Pirate Wars there have been fewer pirate ships. But with ongoing technological advances in sky travel, pirates seem to be making a comeback, as they too get their hands on newer, faster and stronger ships.

Notable sky pirates

Blue Barry was one of the first sky pirates and the gatherer of the famous treasure that the Steamhawke is hunting for.

Philippe Dubois was a pirate captain who participated in the Great Pirate Wars.

Jack Stallion was a cruel and harsh sky pirate who almost killed his lover for mutineering against their captain.

Daenelia Bradley is one of the more clumsy and ineffective sky pirates. She is still responsible for many deaths and is considered a sky pirate with a good eye for loot.

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