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Character Biography
Santiago "Chago" Moreno

Full name: Santiago Moreno

Age: 28 (b. 1822)

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: deckhand

Height: 1.78m (5'8")

Body type: average to muscled

Hair colour: dark

Eye colour: dark

Santiago Moreno is a character with a completed storyline played by Elena[1].


Physical Appearance

Chago has dark hazel eyes and dark, slightly curly hair that is usually worn long and either with a bandana or in a ponytail. He is tanned, towards a copperish shade, and has various scars from fights he has been involved in. When on a mission, he wears something appropriate to the places he has to frequent, covered by a black cloak when needed, especially to conceal his weapons. When he wants, he can impress by dressing elegantly, but it is usually in the context for blending in on a job. His travel clothes are usually a common sailor’s attire. He wears at his neck, visibly or not, the cross of Santiago, which he received from a monk.


A reasonably educated man, Chago blends well in any society. He can be charming when he wants to, and silent, solitary, and efficient when he has a job to do. He is challenge oriented and likes to get into mischief, and lies in order to keep up appearances and not betray his real profession. He treats most people with respect unless they cross him in some way...or unless he has been paid to do otherwise. He is loyal to his few friends, to his beloved sister’s family, and to most paying customers, is ambitious and quick-learning, and strives to beat any obstacles life might throw his way. He does not trust women, as he fears betrayal; he had a romantic disappointment in his youth and has guarded his heart ever since. An easy-going, laid-back man, Chago likes partying as often as he can and enjoys music, dancing, women, liquor...but he knows when to stop. He will not get drunk because he knows that under the influence of alcohol, one might spill the best-kept secrets.

Chago is rather stubborn and has his own opinions, a quality less recommended in his profession, because sometimes it gets in the way of doing business. There have been two cases where he had been paid to kill someone and the ‘’customer’’ was the one who ended up dead. The original target in one case had been a young lady, while the other target had been a nine-year-old boy. He does not kill women and children, because a defenseless enemy is of no interest to him. He had been forced to do so once while in the army, taking part in the burning of an Indian village, and his sense of honor and the blood inherited from his mother had rebelled deeply against this. Now that he has a choice, not blind orders to obey, he chooses to kill men only.

Chago has a strange sense of honor -- honor sin mancha, blemishless honor, the logo of the knights of Santiago he once learned about -- and it sometimes get him into trouble, either because he defends the one he considers worth defending, or because he refuses a job if it proves not to be what he was initially told. He also has a strange religiosity that is not often found in men of his trade. He knows that Do Not Kill is among God’s commandments, but he sees himself as a tool for justice in a world where it is scarce. Although he does not go to church, he does believe in God, and he always starts a mission after making the sign of the cross. His patron saint, Apostle Santiago, is the protector of soldiers and brave men.

Skills & Abilities

Chago is good both in range combat and in close combat and has good aim with a pistol or rifle, but he prefers blades of all kinds (a passion inherited from his father, who trained him in combat skills), owning a wide range of them. Three years of work aboard a ship has given him good sailing skills and no seasickness. He knows the secrets of local medicinal herbs (including the Arauca healing lore his mother had taught him) and patching wounds, having helped his wounded or sick fellows. From his father he also learned to play the guitar.

Early Life

Chago’s father came to the Old West from the Merovingian Kingdom, but instead of finding gold, he found the same injustices that existed his mother country. He also found uncharted territories to explore, and due to his good combat skills, he was hired as a guard for many transports throughout the Old West. Some of the caravans he accompanied went to the missions raised in the forests inhabited by the natives, and at one of these, he found a copper-skinned beauty, Juana, whom he married. They bought a small house in a poor neighborhood at the outskirts of a town, and while Juana was busy raising a family and cultivating a little garden, Chago’s father offered his services to the mayor of the town when he got tired of wandering in the wilderness. Now that he was home more often, he focused his attention on properly raising his two sons, of whom he was extremely proud.

As one of the mayor’s guards, and resenting the fact that he couldn’t read, Chago’s father had no problem sending his sons to a priest to obtain a proper education, and he also took care to teach them to fight. The younger son preferred the monastery environment to fighting, and he later decided to become a priest. After the required period he chose to build a mission among the Natives, feeling the call of his mother’s blood inheritance. The older son, Chago, was more like his father, in that he wanted to be part of both worlds, of learning and fighting. After losing both his parents and a sister in an epidemic, he set out to become a soldier. His only remaining sister, Pepita, was already engaged, so he stayed to assist with the marriage, and then volunteered for the army.

As he had an education, Chago received the lowest officer rank and was assigned first to a remote post in the Native territory. One year later, he was sent to the Merovingian Kingdom with the troops. He had the opportunity to get to know his father’s land, and to fight in the War. After three years in the Merovingian Kingdom, the ship they were on sank by British privateers as they were returning to the Old West. Chago had the luck to remain alive, even if he was hurt, and to be found two days later by a British merchant ship. He remained aboard the ship that saved him, the Morning Star, and learned the Brittanic language as well as the art of sailing, reefing, and rigging. He was a ordinary sailor, not working at height, but he did a good job and enjoyed life at sea, until the ship met some pirates. He fought bravely, which the pirates appreciated; when the Morning Star was conquered, he was among the victims given the choice between becoming a pirate and dying. Cornered as he was, he accepted being a pirate for the moment, but a few months later, in a port, he managed to disappear and stay hidden until the ship left. He took another ship to a part of the Old West, and ever since he has worked as a mercenary, making his army discipline and fighting skills useful for those who pay well … and swearing revenge against the pirates.

Character Story

Chago is in Seaport for a few days, having completed his last mission in a neighboring town. He is worried about the trouble between Rosita Martinez and the Governor. He promises to give Rosita a share of the advance payment from his next mission to help her get back on her feet. Rosita fears that this new job might be a trick. His new masked employer wants Chago to rescue his kidnapped daughter, Mei-Xiu, and has received intel that she is a captive aboard the Steamhawke. The man shows Chago a folded paper -- and a picture of Mei-Xiu -- with everything he needs to know about the mission.[2] He plans to infiltrate the crew of the Steamhawke in order to learn about his mark and to carry out the mission. Upon boarding the ship, he encounters a few of the crew, including Jack O’Leary, the ship’s handyman -- as well as his target, Mei-Xiu -- before becoming acquainted with Captain Daenelia Bradley, who hires him just as the ship is about to take off. [3] He meets the new lookout, Miyra Blackbird[4] to whom he gives fencing lessons [5]

Chago soon finds out that Mei-Xiu is aboard the ship of her own free will, and realizes that it changes his mission completely. He reveals the true nature of his mission to Mei-Xiu, and also realizes that because he is now unable to complete the mission and has already taken the advance money, he is unable to return to Seaport. [6] One night, Miyra gets drunk, and Chago plays nursemaid. Miyra berates herself, confessing that she is in love with a pirate. Chago correctly realizes that he is the pirate in question. He vows to make her attend fencing lessons in the morning anyway. [7] The next day, Chago seeks advice from Ivan Petrov, who he knows from mercenary missions past, about his failed mission. Ivan advises him to do what he thinks is right and go from there. [8] Chago and Miyra meet under the full moon and profess their love for each other. Chago admits his past as a mercenary; Miyra confesses that she is Tainted. [9] He becomes acquainted with Harriet Brooks [10] and is responsible for skimjumping the ship during the storm [11]

When the ship arrives in Harling Pass, Chago participates in a bar fight with some of the other Steamhawke crew.[12] Chago encounters John Colton -- who was partially the cause of the bar fight, and who recognizes him from Chago’s military days in the Old West. Chago does not remember Colton, however; this fact saves his life. [13] He also meets Kai Sanjo ,[14] has a drink with Brem de Berg,[15] and goes shopping with Miyra. [16] However, Miyra soon begins acting strangely. Unable to sleep, Chago talks to Melisande de La Trémoille about their different religions. [17]Nate Winters sees them together and suspects that Chago is two-timing Miyra. [18] Later, Chago, along with some of the other crew, help Doctor Mitchell “Mistake” Barnes retrieve his belongings from the Roosting Cockerel, an establishment in Harling Pass, whose proprietors are holding Mistake’s belongings since they found out that Mistake has joined the pirate crew.[19]

After they briefly spar, [20] Chago asks Melisande for advice about the situation with Miyra; they were to discuss what their future plans were to be once they arrived in the Old West, but now Miyra has been avoiding him. He admits that he is only following the crew because he has no idea what Miyra wants to do. He decides to write Miyra a proposal in the form of a song, and Melisande offers to help. [21] As they clasp hands, Nate come across them, still suspicious about their relationship. Nate presses them for information, asking questions that make Melisande uncomfortable, which makes Chago feel angry. They are interrupted by gunshots and see suspicious people at the wagons, which they recognize as an attack on the crew by the townspeople.[22]

Upon the crew's arrival in Kanesville, Chago accompanies Leftheris Vunos and Faizel Naji to Hulda's Vaudeville Revue. They are introduced to Giselle Pons, a singer; Chago decides to ask Giselle to help him with the song he plans to compose for Miyra. [23] Later, Chago and Melisande return to the Revue to meet with Giselle to work on Chago’s song. [24] Later, Giselle and her boyfriend are found murdered. [25] The militia comes to search the dormitory in which the pirates have been staying in connection with the murders. They find evidence that implicates Chago as the murderer. Despite having an alibi, Chago is arrested [26] and locked up in jail under horrible conditions [27]. Some figures from Chago’s past come to visit him, explaining that they are the ones who set him up and will testify against him at his trial. [28][29][30] Leftheris and Azzo Weisse, who has been working in Kanesville, also visit Chago and are appalled by his conditions.[31]

A doctor comes to examine Chago to see if he is fit for trial; meanwhile, Azzo tries to visit Chago again, but is told he has been taken to be executed. Instead, it turns out that Chago has escaped from prison with the help of Miyra and an old contact of Chago's, Harlan Finch, in return for a favor performed long ago. [32]


Chago’s father, Jose Santiago Zamorra, his mother, Juana Zamorra, and his sister, Maria Zamorra, are all deceased. As for his two living siblings, his younger sister Pepita Zamorra (married Dominguez) is a housewife and a mother of five. His younger brother, Jose Manuel (Josema) Zamorra, is a priest in a remote mission in the Indian territory. He also had several other siblings who died before their first birthdays.

He has been friends with Rosita Martinez, owner of Barnacle's Bar, for a few years, and frequented her tavern every time he visited Seaport while aboard the Morning Star.

Originally, Chago had been trying to rescue Mei-Xiu from the clutches of pirates, but he had to abandon this mission once he learned that Mei-Xiu was aboard the Steamhawke of her own free will.

He is in a relationship with Miyra Blackbird, considers Melisande de La Trémoille a friend based on their common military pasts and camraderie; and Herring and Ivan as almost friends. However, he doesn’t like Nate Winters all that much.


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