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Character Biography
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Full name: Niles Oscar

Age: 87

Gender: female

Species: elphin

Position: gunner of the Steamhawke

Height: 6"

Body type: average to muscled

Hair colour: Yellow green fading to aqua blue at ends

Eye colour: black

Niles is a player created original character played by jacobsmacob[1]. This character is not active at the moment.


Niles has light green blue skin with a few dark stripes and spots on her skin across her some areas of her body. She is tall and thin with tightly pulled back, pencil straight hair. She usually wears trench coats, blouses and pants or something similar most times, but she's always adorned with gold jewelry. Though she is old, she is still pretty young for an elphin and therefore looks around the 20 year old equivalent of a human being. She has typical amphibious fingers and large webbed feet so she wears no shoes. She does wear gold piercings in her ears.

She uses guns, but more specifically rifles and harpoons. She owns one rifle she snagged from an old enemy and one harpoon she had as a gift from an old friend.

Niles survives off of showing off and looking cool more than she survives off of salt water on land. She's really still young and trying to find her way by growing up and being independent. She may seem brash, confident and hard as her amphibious exterior, but hurt her in the right place or trigger her past and she crumples very easily.

She works hard to improve at or learn a skill she wants or has to master (but is not necessarily successful at learning improving). Her skill with rifles and keen eye for observation has been an asset to her and others. She is generally friendly if you get on her good side (and mostly if you praise her).but she's awfully cocky and is stubborn as a result of her arrogance. This is especially bad for one who may have to work in a team aboard a ship. She pokes her nose into things and places she shouldn't and tends to be nosy. Given her age at young adulthood for an elfin, she is inexperienced in many areas and immature. She also likes picking fights with those in higher authority or with those she sees as competition (i.e., someone who is cooler and more popular than she).

Early life

Niles lived her entire life with her uncle who was a veteran and survivor of the war between mankind and the elphin people. Her parents were slaughtered in the crossfire and her uncle was the only one who lived long enough in her clan to tell the tale. He holds much contempt for mankind and still greatly opposed the idea of mixing and forming a treaty with them. He does not even have a land name and has never ventured out and above even once.

Niles, always being overprotected by her uncle, at a young age found a harpoon underwater. Not knowing what it was she played around with it, eventually figuring out how it worked. She used it a lot to hunt for food and to use for defense. For so long under her uncle's care, she'd never had so much fun with something so magnificent! When her uncle later found out that she had mankind's technology in her possession, he destroyed it and demanded that she never touches one again.

She, being adamant, kept searching for technology similar to that. On a day her uncle was away, she ventured above sea and met a human man named Heath Daniel. He was an expert at many guns and had been wielding a harpoon when she first saw him.

The two did quickly become friends, with him teaching her the ropes of using guns. She of course had to always sneak up to the surface to meet him. He became like a father like figure to her, being kinder and more understanding of her feelings than her uncle ever will.

But of course, her uncle did find out about Heath and killed him, through her careless mistake. Niles was very angry and upset and he made it worse by confining her to his cave with no escape.

By a fortunate accident, still unknown to her today, she escaped and found her life as a surface dweller in a seaside village. Her broken, meek personality changed quickly when she got sick of being taken advantage of because of her species. She adopted this attribute from her new human friend, Ginger Skyes, who she lived with for a while.

Niles became too obsessed with looking cool, since from her skills with a variety of guns (thanks to Heath), she gained admiration and praise that her uncle never gave her enough of for most of her life. She got hungry for more attention and picked fights, did daring stunts and risky, ridiculous things, dragging Ginger down with her. She lost her friend who just couldn’t take anymore of her excessive stunts. Weeks later, her uncle found her, which was surprising since he hated the surface, so much. They fought and he attempted to recapture her, but she escaped.

She now feels like she needs to stay far from the ocean for good, and looks for any means to do so. She found out that the position for a gunner aboard The Steamhawke was open. She hopes that that is her ticket for sure escape.


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