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1. All writers for Steamhawke may add and edit information in the wiki.

2. Writers may alter and edit entries by other users.

3. The information and entries in this wiki are meant to help current and new writers write consistent posts, which do not contradict earlier established facts.

4. The entries in this wiki may not be copied and distributed outside the Steamhawke website and wiki.

5. If a writer leaves, the entries in the wiki remain, and are not deleted, unless new developments in the story demand it.

6. Character pages will not be removed if a character or writer leaves.

7. All images used are credited to the respective owner/creator.

8. No images may be reproduced anywhere else, without proper permissions.

9. New accounts are created by admins, and distributed to the writers. Access to the wiki will not be revoked when leaving the Steamhawke as a writer.

10. Access to the wiki may be removed from writers who break the rules, act immature, make unwanted edits, have been hacked and/or who request it.

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