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Chapter 10

The pirate crew got on board the steam train, without valid tickets. They take over a luxury carriage which houses the wealthy Peacock family.

Video Summary

Narrated video summary of chapters 1-7.

Summary of story

In the Begining Daenelia Bradley is 18 when she is hired as a cabin girl on the pirate ship the Sky Tiger, where Jack Stallion is the first mate. Six years later Jack tries to kill her. They have a chance meeting years later. After finding herself without a crew at age 36, she lands in Seaport with McGinty. She begins a desperate search for a new crew.

The Sea and the Port

Laudine Fortescue is the first new addition to the crew, as a cabin girl. Brem de Berg is hired as chief engineer, and Kanya Ashand convinces the Captain to hire her as a shipwright. Daenelia is worried when Nicholai Doran musters as cook. As a Tainted, Nick seems to be an intimidating person and Daenelia is worried about what his presence will do to the rest of the crew.

While getting the ship ready to take off, Daenelia meets her new navigator in a mapmaker's shop, Fern Farley. No pirate ship should leave port without some means of attack and defence. Luckily for the captain, Ashrieda Sjaarda steps on board as the tactician. When Theristis Hill learns that the ship is about to leave, he buys passage on the Steamhawke. As a last addition to the crew, a young Kitling is hired as the ship's Lookout.

See Chapter 1 summary.

The Map says: 'Go Here'

The ship is still lacking a first mate, so Daenelia makes the brilliant decision to appoint Dottie O'Toole as her First Mate.

Fern Farley discovers that Daenelia's treasure map is two halves of two different maps. One location is in Elladia to the East, and another is in the Old West. Unbeknownst to Daenelia, Jack Stallion has part of the map she is looking for. Meanwhile, Theristis Hill has a task that makes him much more useful, making bombs.

After Brem has spotted a Zepper, the ship is put through its paces in a chase to catch a better look, or maybe more. The Zepper gets away, but a clockwork fighter lands on the Steamhawke and out steps a a runaway doctor, Ivan Yorvlad. Kanya is shot, and lies bleeding on the deck.

In the belly of the ship, handyman Edward Marketh has locked himself up to invent new things. While Ed takes a practical approach, Theory is still engrossed in books in order to make smoke bombs for the Captain. When he meets Nicholai he mentions his own quest for a cure for dextrocite poisoning, which affects Nick.

See Chapter 2 summary.

Mypos or Bust

The Steamhawke descends into the water just before docking on the island of Mypos. Laudine and Nicholai take a short trip to shore, with Laudine dressed up as a boy. Laudine has her own reasons to be on shore, trying to find the man who is her father.

Ironically, Edward admits to being hunted by someone who works for his father, who wants him dead. There doesn't seem to be a single crewmember who is not getting into trouble, with both Brem and Finn being held prisoner in two different places. But as quickly as Daenelia seems to lose track of her crew, she also gaines a new first mate, and a new engineer. Luckily, Daenelia and some of the crew have found clues to where that treasure might be. They head north.

Chapter 3 summary

Storm Brewing

After leaving the Elladian island of Mypos in a hurry, they follow their clues to a mysterious fog north of the island. The fog, alchemical in nature, plays havoc with the ship and its crew. When the crew encounter a sandy stretch of land, they set out to explore it, in the hopes of finding a clue. They find a stranded survivor, Ivan Petrov, who indeed gives some clues. With the directions they set out to find an abandoned ship. A team is quickly assembled and boards it, finding yet another stranded survivor on the dead ship. With new information and a need to get out of the fog, the ship sets sail again, trying to find their treasure.

Chapter 4 summary

Into the Fire

As the ship leaves the fog, and the crew come back to their senses, they find themselves in the middle of a battle between sky ships. Jack Stallion's ship the Sky Tiger is battling with the Nautikos Guard. Jack had been following the Steamhawke to get Daenelia's part of the map. What the crew of the Steamhawke do not know is that Jack has another prisoner on board, Iride Coriolix. While the crew come up with a plan to enter the Sky Tiger both stealthily and openly, the crew of the Sky Tiger also board the Steamhawke, and a battle is fought in tow fronts. It doesn't take long for the final battle, which takes place on Steamhawke. Jack enters the ship with most of his men, leaving his own ship almost defenseless. It so happens that Wren and Ashrieda planted a bomb on the Sky Tiger, and in the end the Sky Tiger blows up. It turns the fight in favour of the Steamhawke crew. Daenelia cuts of Jack's hand, and gains his half of the map, and has him thrown overboard.

Chapter 5 summary

Desperate Times

The Steamhawke lands in Seaport for much needed repairs. Daenelia meets Elias Ambrose in Barnacle's Barr and receives a large sum of money to pay for the repairs. Theristis Hill disembarks. Seaport is under the controle of the Governor. His daughter Aurelia is terrorising the town. Daenelia meets up with Rosita at Barnacle's Bar and finds a new deckhand to hire, Azzo Weisse. Rosita has been harrased by the Governor, and it isn't long until Aurelia steps up the conflict.

When Mie Xiu, Daenelia and Ed step off the ship to explore the town, Ed is finally found by his sister, who has been chasing him for so long. Ed meets his sister again, and he feels forced to take her life, even if it means taking his own as well. Ed dies.

And Erm, the apprentice engineer, is taken in by a cult, the Church of the Machine. When Elias finds him, trying to replace body parts with machinery, the man takes him under his wings to teach him The Way.

In the end it comes down to a confrontation with the Governor, where Daenelia allows her crew to run wild in the large mansion. She runs into the rooms that are his office to find the Governor dead on the floor. Both Rosita and Aurelia assumed she killed him. But it was actually the man pretending to be a Jackal, called Valentine, who killed him. Rosita tells Daenelia that she is no longer welcome in Seaport.

when they leave Seaport, he ship and its crew set off to the Old West.

Chapter 6 summary

Going West

As the ship makes ready to set sail, Chago joins the crew at the last minute. His mission is to rescue Mei-Xiu, but fate has other plans as well, in the form of the new lookout Miyra Blackbird. He even teaches her fencing during their off-time. The journey starts of calm. When the prosthetic leg of one of the passengers is stolen, it sets a small investigation in motion. No leg was found, but the Captain now has a shiny new addition to her collection of valuable curiosa. Of course, Bridget Perry has the last say in the tale, as she ends up parading around with a wooden leg, pretending to be a pirate.

Erm's rescue from the Church of the Machine seems to have been a ruse, when Erm presents Brem with brass cog from the cult. Midway through the journey a surprise visitor becomes a semi-passenger. Harriet the Icari woman joins the ship our of curiosity. The engineer Jack discovers a case of sabotage during a routine drill. Daenelia and her first mate Holland Jefferson Junior decide on a place to land the ship using its landing spikes. But just before the ship finds land, it gets caught up in a storm...

Pirates and Cowboys

The Steamhawke arrived in the Old West after escaping the storm relatively unscathed. The ship landed on landing spikes on the plains next to Harling Pass. The plan is to get the Perry's to Columbus City. The crew first pay a visit to the saloon The Iron Buffalo, where they had a big brawl. Harling Pass has many shops and places to visit, even if it is a small farming community. Chago and Miyra do shome shopping. Ashrieda meets a stranger who knows her. Daenelia meets up with John Colton, and old friend. Erm is sent on yet another errand by Brem, and finds a 'missing' poster, looking for a boy in Harling Pass.

Meanwhile, Melisande convinces Daenelia to escort her to Kanesville. Carol doesn't take kindly to Melisande and fights her, resulting in them both nearly dying. Luckily a young doctor patches them up and joins the crew.

Nate is stirring trouble between Chago and Miyra by claiming that Chago is cheating on Miyra with Melisande. Miyra is in a fragile condition, and Chago is left bewildered the way she is suddenly keeping her distance from him. Daenelia tells Miyra to learn to deal with it.

Daenelia finds a place to hide the ship while she organises a wagon train to Kanesville. They will take a steam train to Columbus City from there, to deliver the Perry's home.

Steam City

The wagon train full of pirates arrived in Kanesville. They find an abandoned factory with a worker's dormitory, and they decide to settle in their for their stay. The Captain sets out to buy train tickets. Meanwhile some vaudeville workers are found murdered. Chago is arrested, and then freed by Harlan Finch. Meanwhile, Melisande and Azzo start an investigation. Maraea decides to leave Kanesville and asks a few of the crew to accompany her. At the same time, Sam, Jack Stallion's former cabin boy, alerts the Kanesville militia about pirates in town, which leads the militia to storm the dormitory. Half the crew is storming the building that the cult of the Church of the Machine is using to transform factory workers into half-machine men. Meanwhile, the train heading to Kanesville is onder orders not to stop at the station, despite the dire food crisis situation. The pirates escape the militia by taking a sky cutter and racing to catch up with the train. They manage to climb on board just before the train enters a tunnel.

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