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Character Biography
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Mitchell “Mistake” Barnes

Full name: Mitchell Barnes

Age: 20

Gender: male

Species: Tainted

Position: Doctor

Height: 1.77 m

Body type: trim

Hair colour: black

Eye colour: light blue

Mitchell “Mistake” Barnes is a original character played by Vex, now inactive.[1]


Physical Appearance

What you see of Mistake is far from what he actually is -- his body is hidden beneath layers upon layers of bandage and cloth while outrageous headpieces, made from cogs, springs, ribbons, dried leaves and flowers, distract you from immediately noticing how flawless his face is. It should be, given that the face you see is a mask and not his actual face. Mistake’s hair is fairly long, and is always tied up into a neat braid trailing down his back. His fringe and sideburns, should they be too short to be tied up as well, will be kept away from his face using hairbands and pins.

Stripped of his fancy bells and whistles, Mistake’s silhouette is a trim one. Angry-looking reddish cracks along his tanned skin leak fluids of a faint peach color.

Mistake carries a doctor’s box -- a sturdy rectangular bag with rounded edges, made of wood and reinforced with a metal framework. It contains the standard fare of medical equipment (small blades and saws, rope, needles, threads, strips of cloth, bottles of alcohol, etc).


Mistake is a literate individual, but is not particularly knowledgeable about the world outside of the Old West. Curious and fairly chatty, he is one of the friendlier residents of Hope Mountain. Mistake is even-tempered most of the time, but is an overbearing doctor who is quick to lose his temper if his patients do not follow his instructions.

Mistake is steady and stubborn, once he has decided on a course of action, Mistake does not waver. It keeps him focused during operations, but outside of surgery makes him rather judgmental of others.

If Mistake can feasibly save someone without endangering himself or others, he will, even if the person is a villain or someone he dislikes.

Mistake has never had to fight, nor is he a fighter. However, Mistake is not a pacifist either, and is prone to being a bit violent towards disobedient patients. He is a bookworm through and through, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than spending private time with a book. He favors non-fiction with a focus on alchemy, medicine, or science in general, but is not opposed to fiction and other topics.

Mistake has an interest in smooth skin that borders on obsession. Smooth, supple, and flawless sking is a rarity in Hope Mountain, between the arid climate and the prevalence of Taint.

Skills & Abilities

As a journeyman doctor, Mistake is no stranger to surgery. Setting bones, staunching and suturing wounds, these are but a fraction of his medical knowledge. He knows his way around the ailments that plague the Old West as well, though his greatest familiarity lies with identifying symptoms of malnutrition, heat stroke, and overexhertion.

The fluids leaking from Mistake’s Tainted scars possess an anesthetic effect on others. They have no effect on Mistake himself, however.

Horse-riding is a skill that Mistake picked up after graduating from being an apprentice to a journeyman. Mistake knows how to ride and care for most domesticated equine mounts, such as horses, donkeys, and mules.

Early Life

Mistake hails from the Hope Mountain Settlement, and like most of its residents, was born into a family of Tainted. He himself is Tainted as well, though being two generations separated from the initial exposure to dextrocite means that his taint is much less severe than his older relatives’.

Since a young age Mistake was apprenticed to the settlement’s doctor in between planting and harvesting seasons, after the accidental discovery that the fluids leaking from his Tainted wounds possessed a moderate anesthetic effect. During agricultural seasons when more manpower is needed at the family farm, Mistake is called back home to help out.

A few years ago, Mistake was deemed to have learned enough from his mentors to be a doctor in his own right, and now travels around Hope Mountain to diagnose and treat patients unable to go to the clinic themselves.

Character Story

Doctor Mitchell “Mistake” Barnes is called to the ship after Caroline Summers and Melisande de La Trémoille’s brawl to treat them for their wounds.[2][3] He convinces Captain Daenelia Bradley to hire him to look after them both, and the captain offers him a place as ship’s doctor.[4] Once the citizens of Harling Pass discover he has joined the pirates, they hold Mistake’s possessions hostage, prompting him to recruit Chago Moreno and some other crew members to help retrieve them.[5]

Mistake accompanies the crew to Kanesville, but is recruited by the Church of the Machine and has to hide. Making his way to Hope Mountain, he finds himself treating a contact of Melisande’s, and returns to Kanesville to fetch her. Presumably he joins Maraea Morgan’s crew. [6]


Mistake’s immediate family is a relatively large one consisting of his three grandparents, both parents, two brothers and a sister. Mistake is the youngest of his family; the name he currently goes by is from the family joke that his conception was an unintended ‘mistake’. Their primary income is from the family farm, as well as side jobs taken up during agricultural off-peak seasons.


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