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Male kitling, illustrated by Daenelia

Kitlings are a mammalian species of hybrid cat-humans.



The first kitlings were created in an alchemical mishap involving a lot of people and a lot of cats. Now they are a race of their own with tens of thousands of kitlings living and breeding. Wherever there is adventure to be found kitlings will join in, overcome by their natural curiosity.


All kitlings are blessed with cat-like agility, senses, and retractable claws in their fingers and toes. Their tails are more ape-like and can help propel them around in between cat-like pouncing or just walking on their hind legs. Kitlings can still work with their hands although they are known to be a bit clumsy. Their small stature means they can't summon the same kind of strength as a full-sized person.


Kitlings have half the average height of a human of the same gender. All kitlings have a mix of human and feline features but there is a great variety of skin and fur colouring.


It is usual for a kitling's name to be a single word or a combination of two. This could be just about anything that they like or like to do. Examples: Pounce, Catscratch, Pudding. There are some European kitlings of nobility, who can go by a title and a name linked to an estate. Lord Claw Rakefield[1] is one such kitling.

Daenelia Bradley has almost always hired kitlings to be lookouts in the crow's nest of her ship.

Notable Kitlings


  1. Biography of Claw under the Willow Rakefield
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