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Character Biography
Ivan dae.png
Ivan Petrov

Full name: Ivan Petrov

Age: 59

Gender: male

Species: human

Position: War Dog of the Steamhawke

Height: 6'0"

Body type: bulky

Hair colour: none

Eye colour: Cannot Be Seen



Ivan is moderately tall and well built, and appears little hampered by the extensive modification throughout his body. Though it is entirely covered at almost all times his skin is a sickly grey and saturated in gigantic scars. Many fissures, seemingly incapable of healing, appear here and there as well. Ivan keeps them bandaged under his clothes, changing the wrappings daily. These scars indicate a high degree of dextrocite poisoning.

Ivan’s uniform consists of several layers. The lowest layer is a tight drysuit, starting at the top of his neck and extending down to his ankles. Rarely is this suit removed as it’s designed to prevent moisture of any kind from entering his respiratory system. Covering this at all points except for the neck are boots, pants, and a black and white striped, long-sleeve shirt. His loose pants are held by suspenders, and on his hand he wears a functional glove. Often, though not always, Ivan will wear a jacket over his shirt as well as a cap. His jacket and cap are clearly military, although the style is not recognizable to those hailing from most nations. The jacket allows the top of his shirt to be seen even when done up. [1]

Early life and Modification

Ivan grew up in the far eastern corners of the Slavic Imperium. His life was entirely uneventful until the outbreak of war between Brittania and the Imperium. Drafted into service Ivan swiftly found himself on the front lines, and eventually on the receiving end of some of the deadliest weapons of the war. During one of the largest battles, in which many of his comrades were killed, Ivan himself was (perhaps unluckily) spared.His body was twisted and mangled by toxins from dextrocite shells. Months later he awoke in a combination hospital/workshop, his body brought back from near death with an emergency, experimental lung replacement system. [2]

After the war

Finding his home country decimated after the war, Ivan found little prospects in his new situation outside of the new government’s military. However, his unique condition brought him under the wing of a new, experimental battle group headed by government researchers. After many years training and performing classified operations (Of which Ivan rarely talks about) the loss of one of his arms in battle prompted his forced retirement. Fearing he was to be executed in order to keep his knowledge of military information secret, Ivan fled the Imperium.After leaving the Imperium Ivan traveled to the Old West, making a name for himself as a mercenary and bounty hunter, putting his skills to use against some of the West’s most hardened criminals. [3]

Becoming a War Dog

Ivan was later found in a sandbar having been somehow separated from his former crew and joined the Steamhawke. [4]


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