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Basic Biography

Full name: Herring Finn

Age: 32

Gender: male

Species: elphin

Herring Finn is deckhand character, to be used as an NPC [1].

Herring by Daenelia

Finn is quite a sight. His head is completely shaven and a large scar runs through his left eye. Finn prefers to be topless, displaying his rippling chest muscles, and the fact that both his arms are hydraulic prosthetics held in place with leather straps. Finn's skin colour is green and is marked in many different places by tattoos and scars.

Although often grim and pessimistic, Herring Finn is an honest man and enjoys being close to people and figuring out what makes them tick. He is observant and can usually tell if people are lying. Finn's elphin grace accompanies his accumulated fighting skills. He fights ferociously and without mercy as he expects nothing different from his opponent. His hydraulic arms provide him with mighty sword swings, although they require frequent maintenance. Finn is a perfectly good swimmer but he doesn't enjoy it very much.

Herring takes great care to keep his prosthetics clean and in full working order. It is a constant challenge because as an elphin he must wash in salt water, but as his arms are metallic they rust easily. But it's that kind of challenge that Herring lives for.

Character Story

Herring Finn and his twin sister Tuna were born at sky, their family deciding to make a life for themselves as travelling merchants on the surface world. Through a string of bad luck the Finn family became penniless and most of them returned to the water, resigned to a simpler life farming sea weed. By that time Herring and Tuna were young adults and weren't prepared to leave the only world they knew. Tuna was the most intelligent of the two and opened a business in the South Indies. Herring was desperate to stay in the sky and turned to piracy. He's fought many violent battles and has lost both of his arms due to the injuries he's received. His parents, uncles and cousins live underwater. His twin sister Tuna is somewhere in the South Indies although Herring hasn't seen her in a long time.

Herring has been on board Steamhawke since Daenelia hired him, together with Dottie O'Toole, Nate Winters and Julian Robinson when she arrived in Seaport [2].


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