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How to Use the Wiki

The Steamhawke Wiki is the place where we gather all the lore and background information about the stories of the written roleplay site Steamhawke. You can use the wiki like any other wiki. Simply search for a word or phrase and read the text.

How to Edit the Wiki

Once you have created an account and verified your email, you can start editing pages and adding information to the wiki. Each edit is recorded, and in case of mistakes can be reversed or rolled back.

How to make a new page

See als: Starting a new page

You can create a new page by using the Search box. Search for the exact title of the subject you want to make a page on, such as 'Chops McGinty'. The return result will either show a page already created or ask you if you would like to create that page.

Create the page "Chops McGinty" on this wiki! Click on the red link and start editing the page.

You can also edit an existing page and create a link on the page to a page of your subject. Use the [ and the ] brackets like so:
[[Chops McGinty]]

This will create a clickable link to a new page, which you can then edit.

How to format the text

There are a few options on the editor already, for bold text, level h2 text and lines. More help on formatting options can be found here: Formatting help.

How to add linked references

Add the following code at the very bottom of the page.

== References ==

Create a reference by adding the following to a sentence, which is referenced in a post:

<ref>[ Chapter 1, A Stab in the Dark]</ref>

A link to the post will now appear in the References section of the page, at the bottom. The format for the correct reference link is: urllink space text/name of chapter

How to add the page to a category

Add the following code to the top of the page, or the bottom:


Characters is the category that page will belong to. The four most used categories are Characters, Technology, Setting, Equipment and Ship Roles.

How use templates

As of now we have one template for basic biographies (of npc, characters, minor characters). You can use a template as a form to fill in information. The template orders the information in a consistent way throughout the wiki. Templates can be found in category:Templates.

To use a template, copy the form out of the /doc page: such as this one. Do not change or edit the template itself.

All forms can also be found at Template forms. You can copy the code into the page you are working on.

Getting started

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