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Elladia is the Land of a Thousand Islands, with the Chosen Kings. It is an ancient nation with a rich history and a warmer climate than the rest of the Old Nations in Europe.



Elladia has many kingdoms, where each leader is chosen to be King for a certain period of time. Together they choose their Mighty King, who rules over all of the land and is firstmost responsible in dealing with other nations in war and peace.

Being a Chosen King is only an option for men. Women have very little say in government, even if they are allowed to vote in some kingdoms. Elladian men maintain that women are ruling the kingdoms through their men. Elladian women say they are simply not interested in the petty political games, and are often the driving force behind the real work in the kingdoms.

Elladia and Pirates

Pirates are just about tolerated in Elladia, but much depends on the local king and whether he needs to be bribed or not. Elladia is a nation of seafarers and has many experienced sailors who sometimes chose to either enlist in Britannia's navy or join some successful pirates. The Mighty King's official stance on sky pirates is that they must be hunted. This is more to politically please Brittania and other nations.

Food and Culture

The food in Elladia is rich in fruit and vegetable, and goat is the prefered meat. Because of Elladia's central role in sea faring, their cuisine has been enriched by the many visitors to the nations. Though each Elladian will maintain that each dish is authentic and original to their country.

Men and Women

It is traditional for men to be seen as the stronger sex, in charge of governing and ruling and law enforcement. Women do not participate in the political process, even if they can vote in some kingdoms. Women traditionally work hard at home and in their community, while the men play political games. Men are usually the ones trading and travelling, while women stay at home.

Same-sex relationships are more accepted in Elladia then anywhere else. It is not uncommon for traders who travel a lot to have a travelling companion when they are gone from home for a long time. In the same aspect, women can often be found to run a household together in the absense of their men. It is completely acceptable, though not usually a talking point, that these relationships become sexual.

The Elphin Community

There is a large Elphin community on the Elladian Islands. Because the amphibious Elphins like to keep to themselves, there are few kingdoms where there is no tension between humans and the aquatic race. Humans often accuse the Elphins of trying to sabotage ships and trading. Some very narrow minded humans tell tales of children abducted by Elphins to be sold as slaves elsewhere in the world. The Elphins accuse humans of hate crimes against their kind and share stories, often exaggerated, about how whole Elphin towns were burned to the ground. There is a lot of tension between humans and Elphins in Elladia.

The Ngafr Community

The Ngafr are native to Elladia, and rarely venture into the world. They are great craftsmen and musicians, but shun technology and prefer to lead a simple life. The Ngafr are less prominent than the Elphins, but mostly better liked by the Elladians.



Mypos is a small island with 3 medium sized towns, ruled by its Chosen King Kristos Kuntos. The island is ruled from the High Court Tower in the town of Myposia. The only other notable building is the old Myposian Royal Libray, where past Chosen Kings gathered unique documents, scrolls and books. It also has an extensive library of maps.

Mypos is mainly known for its goat herds. When arriving at the island, one of the goats can be seen grazing from the Steamhawke's perspective [1].

The town Myposia has both sky ship docks and sea ship docks. It is customary to pay the Myposian pilot ship a fair amount of coins to ensure a good spot at the docks. Myposian sailors do not like to adress women, so communications between ships is only done by men.


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