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Alkabellum is derived from dextrocite (the main fuel used in sky ships). In fact, it is due to the recent usage of Dextrocite that alkabellum was discovered! Once beings began to mutate and the 'tainted' were born, chemists and physicists teamed up to take a closer look at dextrocite and the effects it had when burnt. They found that as well at the massively exothermic reaction that makes dextrocite so valuable as a fuel, a second element was being released in vast amounts too, an element that doctors had found in the blood of mammals and reptiles alike. They called the element 'X' because it was unknown with strange properties that no one quite understood properly.

Alkabellum is neither gas, solid or a liquid. Nor is it the 4th state of matter which is plasma. Alkabellum is the 5th state of matter- Essence. Essence is a mixer of all three base states of matter, ( liquid, solid and gas), therefore it has a single trait from each state of matter. It holds together like a solid, flows like a liquid but is as light as a gas, this makes alkabellum an incredibly easy element to work with but it also makes it very dangerous because of its' extreme reactivity to any other element in the periodic table, even with copper, which is extremely un-reactivate, it will react and give the copper special properties. Alkabellum is the basis of alchemy.

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