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Alchemy is not a 'new found' form of science, so to speak. It has been in use for many hundreds of years but never has it seen such an advancement. Before recently, Alchemy was limited to only the transformation or 'conversion' of base metals( such as lead or iron) in to more useful, more valuable metals like gold or platinum. Now with the discovery of alkabellum, by fusing or treating metals with alkabellum we are able to create metals with 'hyper' or 'enhanced' properties.

But to understand alchemy we must start with alkabellum, which is the very basis of all alchemy. Alkabellum is derived from dextrocite. Alkabellum is neither gas, solid or a liquid. Nor is it the 4th state of matter which is plasma. Alkabellum is the 5th state of matter- Essence. Essence is a mixer of all three base states of matter, ( liquid, solid and gas), therefore it has a single trait from each state of matter. It holds together like a solid, flows like a liquid but is as light as a gas, this makes alkabellum an incredibly easy element to work with but it also makes it very dangerous because of its' extreme reactivity to any other element in the periodic table, even with copper, which is extremely un-reactivate, it will react and give the copper special properties.

Alkabellum is derived from Dextrocite (the main fuel used in Airships). In fact, it is due to the recent usage of Dextrocite that alkabellum was discovered! Once beings began to mutate and the 'tainted' were born, chemists and physicists teamed up to take a closer look at dextrocite and the effects it had when burnt. They found that as well at the massively exothermic reaction that makes dextrocite so valuable as a fuel, a second element was being released in vast amounts too, an element that doctors had found in the blood of mammals and reptiles alike. They called the element 'X' because it was unknown with strange properties that no one quite understood properly.

A special team of geologists, physicists, doctors and chemists were assembled to fully study the ore 'dextrocite' and the element it released. Once examined by the geologist is was found that the ore 'dextrocite' was similar to coal, but only in how it was made. Coal is made from once living organisms that have been preserved, compressed and heated to form the end result that is coal itself.

Dextrocite is formed in the same way but under different circumstances. The main difference between dextrocite and coal is that dextrocite is composed of much larger, much more complex organisms than coal is. Organisms like humans often make good agents to form dextrocite.


Tainted are humans, elphins and kitlings that have been struck by a sort of dextrocite poisoning. There are no known Ngafr who are afflicted by the taint, and it rarely affects animals. This is more due to Ngafr and animals not coming into contact with unrefined dextrocite rather than an immunity to the taint.


Icari are a bird-like people from the Old West. It is said that a group of wealthy landholders had developed a common interest in a mythical group of alchemists, who centuries ago had granted themselves angel-like wings. The landholders spread their obsession to the common folk, and together they formed a movement with the singular obsession of recreating this lost knowledge. The reports end with all known members of this cult disappearing into the highlands in the dead of night, and then a sighting of robed figures circling a campfire.

Many people now believe that on that night the cult managed to give themselves wings, but that the transformation continued far beyond their expectations.

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